21 sarfarosh saragarhi 1897 Review

In an industry that is infamous for its saas-bahu sagas, director Raj Achariya brings a war drama to the small screen with 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897. Though several Bollywood actors have set out to explore their interpretation of what is considered as one of the greatest last stands in history, Discovery Jeet has pipped them to produce a show on the same subject.

With Mohit Raina playing Havaldar Ishar Singh (the leader of the Sikh regiment), the series narrates the story of the 21 brave soldiers who fought the 10,000-strong Afghan tribesmen till their last breath. The key to a good show is the script, performances and editing – Achariya’s show scores in the acting department.

With Raina and Mukul Dev on board, the makers hit the nail on the head. Raina renders a sincere portrayal of the quiet but headstrong Ishar Singh, while Dev shows how far he has come as an artiste. As Gul Baadshah, the leader of the Afghan tribe, Dev aces the Afghani dialect. However, Luke Kenny’s performance leaves a lot to be desired – despite playing Major Des Voux, the lack of an English accent strikes as odd.

Although the cinematography is brilliant with the hilly terrains of Leh masquerading as the North-West Frontier Province, the scale of production doesn’t match the larger-than-life story being told. The show is also in need of taut editing. Sure, the subject is a welcome change from the soap operas on the small screen, but the first episode leaves you yearning for more.

Episodes 1 To 30 :

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Episodes 31 To 65:

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