Alita Battle Angel 2019 3D hollywood movie reviews

After a quiet beginning to 2019, the 3D front is firing up throughout the month of February. And among the movies attempting to blow our minds in these early months is Alita: Battle Angel, a movie that’s taken the long way around to the box office, but looks ready to play. So naturally, with both Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron involved in the film’s production, there was no doubt that the 3D experience was going to come into play at some point.

Obvious to a fault, the time has come to ask one major question of Alita: Battle Angel: To 3D, or Not To 3D? If you’re wondering what we thought about the film, you can read our official review and find out. But if you’re ready to learn if you should spend some extra ticket money on the 3D version, or save that version for some wagers on a friendly game of Motorball, you’ve come to the right place.

One look at the world of Alita: Battle Angel is all that any audience would need to be convinced this was a 3D film in the making. The futuristic sci-fi feel of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron putting their heads together, as well as their support of the medium since its earliest days, almost ensured that this film would be a 3D stunner. It’s a practical hand in glove match to provide Alita with a 3D upgrade.


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