Endangered Species 2021 hollywood movie reviews

he days of Africa-set films featuring white protagonists using glowing savannas as set dressing for first-world problems seemed to be numbered, but hold on: here is a fist-bitingly self-regarding family drama with Philip Winchester and X-Men’s Rebecca Romijn as Jack and Lauren Halsey, a seemingly dream couple off on a dream safari with son Noah … Read more

Encanto 2021 hollywood movie reviews

While escaping her home from armed conflict, a young Alma Madrigal loses her husband Pedro but saves her triplet infant children Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. The candle Alma carries with her becomes magical and creates a sentient house, the “Casita”, for the Madrigals to live in. Years later a village grows, protected by the Casita, … Read more

Aparichit: Anniyan 2005 movie reviews

Ramanujam Iyengar alias Ambi is a straightforward consumer protection advocate from Triplicane, Chennai. He expects everyone to follow the law and prosecutes those who violate it. However, his efforts fail as circumstantial evidences always seem to favour the accused. His efforts to raise civic awareness go in vain due to pervasive corruption and a general … Read more