A Million Miles Away 2023 hollywood movies review

The focus on José Hernández’s family and neighborhood makes the movie “A Million Miles Away” intriguing and heartwarming.
It is a story of guts and determination for anyone to literally reach the stars. When José Hernández, a migrant who spent his early years working on American farms, reaches the stars, his story develops into a significant example of a community’s resiliency.

The achievement of a NASA mission is not emphasized in the biopic A Million Miles Away, which is based on astronaut José Hernández’s book. José’s (Michael Pea) two-hour story is told in a linear fashion, beginning with his childhood aspirations to become an astronaut and ending with his launch into space. A Million Miles Away takes very little literary chances. The family and community of José, who serve as the narrative’s core, are amplified by director Alejandra Márquez Abella.






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