Abhay 2022 Season 3 review

Back in 2019, Kunal Kemmu ventured into the digital world with Abhay. The Ken Ghosh directed web show followed a template like CID, with the protagonist, CP Abhay Singh, facing a new challenge in every episode. It’s the treatment that separated Abhay from the television show, as all the cases that Abhay chased were gruesome, exploring the psychotic phase of human minds. All the episodes were connected by a common thread i.e. the personal space of Abhay.

The format continued in the second season too. However, with the third part, the makers decide to take a leap by interlinking the cases. This time around, the core conflict revolves around multiple murders taking place in Delhi, tweaked with the aspect of Abhay’s attempt to strike a work-life balance side by side with him trying to escape the personal demons. Blending with the format of the series, Abhay does face a new nemesis in the episodic format. While it’s an already established character, director Ken Ghosh takes his time to lay the platform in the opening two episodes for the thrills to follow towards the concluding portions.

He establishes the other characters and their psyche in the initial portions, which slows down the pace of the series and diverts from the already established template. While one expects the cases to move at a fast pace, what happens is a slow burn account of the crimes happening in and around Delhi. The series is a step up on the technical front with better cinematography and background score. The dialogues however are routine.

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