Anjaam 1994 movie reviews


Shivani Dixit (Madhuri Dixit) is an air hostess for Air India. She lives with her sister Padmisha (Sudha Chandran) and her brother-in-law Mohanlal (Tinnu Anand), who is a drunkard and bets all the money he can find on horse races. Shivani meets Vijay Agnihotri (Shah Rukh Khan), a wealthy industrialist who is instantly infatuated with her but she shows no interest in him. This doesn’t stop Vijay who continues to pursue her but is rejected every time. Vijay informs his mother Padma (Beena) that he will only marry Shivani.

When they approach Shivani’s family for her hand in marriage, they see that Shivani is already marrying Ashok Chopra (Deepak Tijori), an Air India pilot. Vijay is heartbroken, shocked, and disappointed while Shivani and Ashok get posted right after their wedding and move to America.

Four years later, Vijay could not forget Shivani and turns down all the marriage proposals brought by his mother. Shivani and Ashok have a daughter, Pinky (Baby Gazala). Shivani left her job as an air hostess and began volunteering at a hospital for the mentally and physically disabled. Vijay befriends Ashok in hopes of getting closer to Shivani. He plans to start his own airlines where he hires Ashok as a general manager with a high salary. Unaware of Vijay’s intentions, Ashok doesn’t believe Shivani who tries to convince him of Vijay’s true face.

Ashok slaps and disowns Shivani after they argue over Vijay using her photos for an airline magazine. Vijay sees this and severely beats Ashok. When he is hospitalised, Vijay removes his oxygen mask in the presence of Shivani thereby killing him. She attempts to convince the police that Vijay is responsible for Ashok’s death.

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