Army of Thieves 2021 hollywood movie reviews


Ludwig Dieter is living a mundane life as a bank teller in Potsdam and going by his real name of Sebastian. News of a growing zombie outbreak in Nevada dominates international news but its effects have yet to reach mainland Europe, although this doesn’t stop Ludwig from having nightmares about zombies. Ludwig also produces YouTube videos about safecracking in his spare time that receive no attention until one video receives a comment from a mysterious figure who invites him to an underground safecracking competition in the city. Ludwig goes to the competition and wins the contest, where upon he is greeted by Gwendoline, a skilled jewel thief who reveals herself as the mysterious figure who commented upon Ludwig’s YouTube video.

Gwendoline recruits Ludwig into a heist crew consisting of herself, expert hacker Korina, getaway driver Rolph and gunman Brad Cage with the intention of breaking into three banks that host three safes created by legendary locksmith Hans Wagner and which currently belong to billionaire Bly Tanaka.

The safes are due to be decommissioned in less than a week, meaning that time is running out for any thief to break into them. Ludwig, a theoretical expert on the work of Wagner and safecracking but with no practical experience, decides to join after being convinced by Gwendoline about the challenge of breaking into a Wagner safe. Together, the crew successfully undertakes their heist of the first safe in Paris but escape with a minimal amount of money compared to what actually resides in the safe, which is justified by Gwendoline’s rationale that the challenge and reputation is better than any major monetary gain.

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