Battle Drone 2018 movie reviews


Louis Mandylor is a hard working man with films like Escape From Ensenada and Larceny also starring Dolph Lundgren out as we speak, the actor also can be seen in the upcoming highly anticipated action-thriller The Debt Collector from director Jesse V. Johnson which teams him up with action star Scott Adkins. Mandylor isn’t done there however as Netflix has just unveiled the new sci-fi action pic Battle Drone (also called Battle Of The Drones) which sees Mandylor playing a bad ass merc who must go up against an army of unstoppable killing machines. The film is a spectacular indie sci-fi action film that is sure to delight fans of the genre!

I have to admit, I really didn’t know much about this film and what I did know came from viewing its iMDB page. It literally came out of nowhere as Netflix premiered it on their service on March 1st. There was no trailer or any kind of advertising for the film so I was literally going in blind which suited me just fine. What I got was an awesome sci-fi action film in the vein of Predator and The Terminator with breathtaking action and enjoyable characters that you become vested in. Battle Drone is a wonderful surprise and it deserves to be seen by an audience that will truly appreciate what it has to offer.

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