Battlefield – Fall of The World 2022 movies review

The 2042 video game Battlefield: Fall of the World (:, Battlefield: Alien Cataclysm) is set after aliens have conquered Earth and are attempting to steal our water. The nations of the world joined their militaries in an effort to attempt and defeat them. But as one character informs us in the first few seconds, the Chinese army is the only one still standing. Even they are defeated at the prologue’s conclusion.

Cheng Ling, a deserter who was one of the survivors (Zhang Zhi Lu, Missing Persons, The First Myth: Clash of Gods), has managed to stay alive by collecting and selling used gadgets. Eventually, he joins Gao Ren and his group (Ren Tian Ye, Bloodbath in the Nameless River, The War of the Werewolf).

They are traveling to General McKay’s fortress, which is one of the last defenses against the aliens. Through an electronic implant in his neck, they convince him to act as their guide. They also save Dr. Pam Doji (Choenyi Tsering, Lop Nar Mysterious Event, Lost in Mobius), who has discovered a method to exterminate the aliens, along the way. Can they survive long enough to make advantage of her discoveries, though? Can you sleep through it to find out?






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