Blue Miracle 2021 hollywood movie reviews


Most people don’t mind sitting through a story they’ve heard innumerable times if the storyteller can inject new relevance into its predictable course. Even if the resolution seems unavoidable from the onset, the path to get there should at least be rendered memorable.

Alas, that’s not what “Blue Miracle,” from writer/director Julio Quintana, does with its over-exploited premise. Centered on a group of Latino kids from underprivileged backgrounds, the arc follows them surpassing expectations as they try to win a fishing competition. The prospective cash earnings, as is customary in these types of set ups, will benefit a noble cause.

Similar in tone and content to other recent, inspirational sagas about Latino teens such as “McFarland, USA” and “Spare Parts,” Quintana’s second feature takes a true story as its basis and then applies expected tropes in the “coach mentors an underwhelming team to greatness” subgenre, from the washed-up male adult who needs the kids to overcome his own troubling past to the platitude-ridden lessons meant to help the youths mature.

Former street child and, presumably also a drug dealer once, Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) runs Casa Hogar, an orphanage for local boys in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Funds are low and the bank is ready to collect, so Omar or “Papá Omar,” as the children and teens call him, must come up with a plan to save their shelter.

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