Breathe Into the Shadows 2022 review

So Avinash aka J is in the mental asylum being treated for his disorder. Three years have passed to the time when his daughter was saved from his clutches and he murdered four people to avenge something kind of still unclear. So now he has to be behind the bars but also kills the rest 6, because the Raavan theory if you remember. Season 2 which is actually 3, but never mind, scales how he manages to come out and satisfy his alter ego.

The previous season of Breathe walked a very shaky path. It aspired to be a metaphorical tale of a man being taken over by a violent alter ego seeking his revenge. It spoke about Raavan and the idea of killing his 10 heads which symbolise one evil each. On paper, it all seemed like a full proof idea, but the execution turned out to be so above the surface that the metaphor didn’t even land well, forget dig deeper.

So now season 2, again led by Mayank Sharma (story, screenplay, direction) alongside Arshad Syed, Vikram Tuli, Priya Saggi, and team minus the prolific writer Bhavani Iyer this time have the task to take that very shaky base and built a castle that should stand strong even with the tremors. While they don’t succeed to a point one can say that the show has arrived, one cannot really negate the good too.

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