Counterattack 2021 movies review

“Son of a b***h, I will find you,” vows Vincent Zhao as Lu Ziming, an elite anti-terrorist expert from China who’s dubbed the “Flying Sniper” in this so-nuts-it’s-entertaining action flick. Or actually, is this supposed to be a comedy?

Lu is the “Flying Sniper” because in the opening sequence, he swoops down from the sky to unleash hell upon a bunch of ang moh nasties in speedboats at sea while wearing a crazy winged backpack. Kinda like the Falcon from The Avengers but way cheaper looking. Later on in the movie when Lu is fighting numerous baddies, I kept wondering, “Why the heck doesn’t this guy use that incredible flying thingy, like, all the time?”

Now, the said line above is momentous because Zhao — aka the chap who replaced Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung in those Once Upon a Time In China movies circa the 1990s — making his directing debut here, speaks it in English.

It’s also very funny because his language coach must have taught him to say that ultimate payback statement as though he’s Rambo. Which is hilarious since this B-flick-going-directly-to-C really looks and feels like Rambo in terms of setting, story, scenes, stern stare and especially the date.

I swear, until I saw drones and night-vision equipment being used here, I actually thought that this movie was made in the 1980s. No kidding. It really looks that old. Like we’re supposed to believe that people still buy the Rambo crap.

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