Dark World 2 Equilibrium 2013 movie reviews


As a child, Dasha was very close to death in a bus accident. Almost drowned, she was barely able to save herself on land and during this experience received an amulet from a ghost. With the piece of jewelry, ten years later, she is able to identify evil shadow beings that enter the world through a gate.

Only the guards put a stop to them and Dasha seems to have powers that predestine them to bring the shadows back to where they belong – with a lively kick in the bottom. But suddenly it gets tricky when the upper mob of the shadow creatures stands in the way of Dasha, in which he sees the only obstacle to gaining control over the world of light …

When it comes to action films, Russia may not have the same output as the competition from Hollywood and Dark World 2: Equilibrium is not a new guardian of the night either, but it’s always refreshing when Eastern Europe tries its hand at genre cinema again. The colorful mix of coming-of-age story and fantasy, which culminates in the struggle of good against evil, is presented by the young actors in a carefree and sometimes quite charming way.

The visual effects are worthy of all honor – especially the sequences in which the true face of the evil shadows can be seen, please. If the story were a little less choppy and not so outrageous in itself, then one could concentrate even better on the often surprisingly well-made joke. In addition to the angular swimming instructor, the main actress Mariya Pirogova combines the sympathies with her shrewd, self-confident figure, whereas some of the male actors seem to have sprung from a catalog for young fashion.

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