Darran Chhoo 2023 movies review

Manav Awasthi is worn out from playing hide and seek with life all the time. He is saved in the nick of time by Jugaadu just as he is about to commit suicide. Before continuing down the dark path once more, Manav is advised to do something kind for his loved ones.

‘Darran Chhoo’ is a movie that sets out with good intentions, hoping to provoke thought and conversation about life’s difficulties and disappointments, as well as how one deals with them. Though the film has admirable intentions, its execution falls short and leaves more to be desired. ‘Darran Chhoo’ clocks in at a lengthy 134 minutes, making the viewing experience difficult and taxing. The film “Darran Chhoo” has a weak screenplay and an excessively long running time. Despite having great objectives, the movie struggles to hold the audience’s attention.






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