Don Jon 2013 hollywood movies review


Jon Martello is a young Italian American and modern-day Don Juan living and working as a bartender in New Jersey. He enjoys being independent and has a strict regimen of exercise, caring for his apartment and 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and weekly family dinners. Though he prides himself on his active casual sex life, he is more satisfied by viewing and masturbating to hardcore pornography. To atone for his sexual indiscretions, he completes weekly confessions at church.

At a nightclub with his two best friends, Bobby and Danny, Jon becomes enamored with Barbara Sugarman, an attractive young woman from an affluent background. Despite heavy flirting, she declines his offer for a one-night stand. Finding her on Facebook, he invites her to lunch. There is mutual attraction, but Barbara insists on a long-term courtship and demands he always be honest. Their relationship proceeds over a month and without sex. She encourages Jon to take a nighttime community college class to obtain a career outside the service industry, and he indulges her love for romantic films, which he usually dismisses as fantasy. They meet each other’s friends and families, and Jon’s parents are immediately smitten by her.

They finally have sex, but Jon is still dissatisfied. He considers her body perfect, but still finds porn more satisfying. Barbara catches him watching porn, but he manages to convince her that it was a joke email sent by a friend. Their relationship resumes, with Jon concealing his habit from her. Esther, a middle-aged classmate Jon previously encountered weeping by herself, catches him watching porn on his cell phone, but he brushes her off. Barbara continues asserting control, insisting that cleaning his own apartment, a task Jon finds satisfying, is not something she is comfortable with him doing. She checks the browser history on Jon’s computer and ends their relationship.

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