Etharkkum Thunindhavan 2022 movies review

Etharkkum Thunindhavan (transl. Daredevil for anything), also known under the initialism ET, is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by Pandiraj and produced by Sun Pictures. The film stars Suriya, Priyanka Arul Mohan, and Vinay Rai. The music is composed by D. Imman, with cinematography and editing being handled by R. Rathnavelu and Ruben respectively. The film’s story revolves around how Kannabiran turns into an executioner to fight upon the violence against women in India.

Kannabiran is a lawyer at the Chennai High Court, who lives with his family consisting of his father Aadhirayar and mother Kosalai, in Thennaadu. Their neighbouring village is Vadanaadu. Residents of both villages believe that god and goddess Shiva and Shakti originated in these villages and hold an grand festival celebrating their togetherness. Women in Thennaadu are married to men in Vadanaadu and vice-versa. However, when a woman from Thenaadu, who is married to a man from Vadanaadu, commits suicide, both the villages engage in rivalry. From this, Kannabiran falls in love with Aadhini from Vadanaadu and the two of them get married. Aadhini’s friend Yazhnila is in love with Nithin and he cheats her by asking her to sleep with a man. Nithin is later revealed to Inba’s henchman. Yazhnila tries to escape from Nithin’s clutches, but is chased and beaten badly by Inba’s men. Kannabiran comes to her rescue in the nick of time and warns both Inba and his men. Previously, Inba was responsible for killing his pregnant wife and a girl named Monika, who was killed and made it look like a car accident. After Kannabiran and Aadhini’s marriage, Kannabiran gives shelter to Yazhnila and motivates her by standing beside her in the fight against the pornography racket run by Inba.

However, When Kannabiran and Aadhini get intimate, their video is secretly shot by Inba, who also shoots the video of Aadhini bathing. When they receive the videos, they are both shocked and devastated. Despite all of the happenings, Kannabiran remains headstrong and requests Aadhini to stay strong and fight with him. Soon, he gathers all the victims of Inba’s racket and files a petition against Inba and his men. However, Inba’s advocate shows false evidence, showing that he is a philanthropist and educationalist. As a result, the judge dismisses the case and orders the arrest of Kannabiran and his father, Aadhirayar. After spending 2 months in prison, Aadhirayar motivates his son to turn into an executioner and to see beyond his initial beliefs in the Indian law and order to deliver justice. Kannabiran readily accepts and kidnaps all of the students and men working for Inba to lock them in a factory. After a deadly and intense cat-and-mouse chase between Kannabiran and Inba, Kannabiran is able to get access to the systems that Inba and his men use for creating pornographic content and destroys them. Kannabiran ruthlessly beats Inba’s men and the students involved in the racket and lectures their parents on students respecting women and their privacy.

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