Farrey 2023 movies review

Farrey, a teen drama that swings between the whippy and the wobbly, follows a poor little topper-girl who gets sucked into a cheating scheme that goes out of control by a group of extremely wealthy kids who are hung up on grades below their means.

The film, which is directed by Soumendra Padhi (Budhia Singh: Born to Run) and co-produced by Salman Khan Films, is fast-paced yet often lighthearted, with actress Farrey fighting to avoid becoming monotonous despite the youthful energy of the cast.

The video just touches on a few of the topics it addresses, including the disparities in higher secondary education, the injustices at the core of tutorial programs, the hypocrisies of school officials, and the stark divide that exists between the wealthy and the underprivileged.

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