Fear of Rain 2021 hollywood movies review

17-year-old Rain Burroughs (Madison Iseman) suffers from early on-set schizophrenia and is admitted to hospital following a psychotic episode. She later reveals to her therapist that she has not been taking her medication as it interferes with her ability to paint.

Her mother Michelle (Katherine Heigl) and father John (Harry Connick Jr) are both very supportive, but when Rain returns to school, she is disowned by her friends who make fun of her mental illness. However, a new boy, Caleb (Israel Broussard), notices her and they begin hanging out.

One night while having a bad dream, Rain sees a vision of her teacher Ms McConnell (also her next-door neighbour) dancing with a small child. She wakes up and looks through her bedroom window into Ms McConnell’s attic window, and sees the girl quickly snatched from view. The next morning, Rain and John visit Ms McConnell’s and she allows them to search the attic. They find nothing but dolls and mannequins that Ms McConnell claims belonged to her late grandmother. Rain tells Caleb what she saw and he believes her. They later break into her home to find the girl, but they are unsuccessful.

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