FireHeart 2022 hollywood movies review

Fireheart is a 2022 computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Theodore Ty and Lauren Zeitoun and written by Zeitoun, Jennica Harper, and Daphne Ballon from a story by Zeitoun, Harper, and Lisa Hunter. It is the second film produced by L’Atelier Animation after Ballerina. It features the voices of Olivia Cooke, Kenneth Branagh, Laurie Holden, and William Shatner. The plot follows a 16-year-old who dreams to become the world’s first female firefighter.

Georgia Nolan wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as he is a retired firefighter. But he doesn’t want his daughter to be in danger and it’s the 1930s. So, even if she wants to be there’s just no possible way. But when all of the firefighters are mysteriously going missing from a villain dubbed ‘the arsonist’, it is up to a small ragtag group of guys (and girl) to protect the city

Fireheart does contain some mildly frightening imagery when the villain comes on screen. The villain through parts of the movie is presented as a smoke monster, which can be a bit scary for younger viewers. The entire plot involves the main characters fighting fires, which can also be a bit too intense.

The other big topic from Fireheart involves the parentage of Georgia. Her father tells her from the beginning of the movie that her mother passed away during childbirth. Later in the movie, it is revealed that this is not true, but her dad actually saved her from a fire, but couldn’t save Georgia’s bio-parents.

Fireheart provides a very fun movie that covers a bunch of topics, from social awkwardness to sexism. Although women empowerment is the main topic covered, none of the issues come off as too ‘in your face’. Everything is tinged with a level of comedy. This allows the heavy topics to be a bit more digestable for both younger and older videos, without removing their importance.

Ultimately, Fireheart provides a funny, heart-warming movie that is mostly family friendly. From Georgia’s funny mannerisms when pretending to be a man to the “over-acting” of Georgia’s doggy!

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