Girls Hostel 3.0 (2022) Season 3 review

Girls Hostel came in at a time back in 2018 when the content in the Indian space was witnessing a paradigm shift. One must not forget apart from the top-notch drama and thrills in Sacred Games, it was TVF who were offering content closer to our life and winning hearts. From the same mill came the show that spoke about female friendships by setting them in a brutal setup. A hostel, is no less than a prison where every inmate has to fight tough situations to get anything.

The season 3 or 3.0 as the makers choose to call it, takes the story ahead but also tries to branch it out. So everyone has escalated by a year and the juniors are now seniors ready to welcome freshers in this complex eco-systems. Written by Anuya Jakatdar, Alka Shukla, and Shreyasi Sharma, now there is enough that you know about these characters, where do they go from here? So the team now tries to introduce a more personal conflict and showcase how the surrounding reacts to it. For this, they choose inclusivity as they introduce a gender-fluid character. The intent in all of this is honest and noble. The execution though….

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