Guilty Minds 2022 Season 1 review

Guilty Minds starts slow but hits its stride mid-way when the personalities of the lawyers themselves begin to take shape and as the cases, themselves become more compelling.

There are two sides to every story, and what better place to witness two points of view than in a courtroom. Guilty Minds (Amazon Prime Video), a 10-episode drama, explores the world of the law and lawyers, of ethics, morals, humanity and fact. It also explores interpersonal relationships, office politics, legacy, social causes and romance.

Created and directed by Shefali Bhushan, and co-directed by Jayant Digambar Samalkar, each episode opens with a situation on which a legal case will be built and the matter taken up in court. The situations are often drawn from headline-making stories, such as sexual harassment, the dilemma around driverless cars, cola companies exploiting and overusing natural resources and so on.

Most of the cases are taken up either by the high-flying lawyers representing the firm of Khanna Khanna and Associates or a modest firm of two lawyers who take on issue based cases. If the former is seen as a large profiteering firm, the latter is an ethics driven outfit. Deepak Rana (Varun Mitra) is the flamboyant and charismatic face of Khanna and Khanna. His fast track to partner status and proximity to the firm’s head L N Khanna (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) upsets the deeply jealous heir Shubhrat Khanna (Pranay Pachauri). Things get more complicated when Shubhrat’s younger cousin, the newly qualified Shubhangi (Namrata Sheth), is attracted to Deepak, her senior at work.

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