Guthlee Ladoo 2023 movies review

Review: To learn how to write his name, Guthlee (Dhanay Seth) follows a van that is selling jamun seed powder in the beginning of the novel. The intelligent child is eager to learn and sneaks into class by standing outside by the window because he is from a lesser caste. Through Guthlee, his close buddy Ladoo (Heet Sharma), and their parents, director-writer Ishrat R Khan and co-writers Srinivas Abrol and Ganesh Pandit portray the sufferings of an oppressed class.

The truth and society’s hypocrisy seem increasingly blatant and pervasive as Guthlee makes more attempts to fulfill his desire of going to school. Mangru (Subrat Datta), the father of Guthlee, is reprimanded by an upper-caste woman for touching her son’s bicycle, but she has no qualms about demanding money from him. A little kid is also chased away by a teacher who is singing a patriotic song in front of the class. The story occasionally, though, seems to explain too much and use the sarcasm too frequently.






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