Here Today 2021 hollywood movies review

Here Today is a 2021 American comedy-drama film directed and produced by Billy Crystal, from a screenplay that he wrote with Alan Zweibel. It stars Crystal, Tiffany Haddish, Penn Badgley, Laura Benanti, and Louisa Krause. The film was released on May 7, 2021, by Stage 6 Films.

Charlie Burnz is walking to work. He keeps reminding himself of the directions he needs to take, demonstrating that his memory isn’t strong. He arrives at the studio where he has a storied career as a successful comedy screenwriter. Later, after sitting in on a pitch meeting, Charlie goes to lunch to meet someone who won a lunch date with him at an auction. Charlie meets Emma Payge. She explains that her cheating ex-boyfriend won the auction and Charlie is his hero. By taking his lunch date, she gets a measure of revenge. The two take a liking to each other, but after Emma eats shellfish, she has a severe allergic reaction. Charlie accompanies her to the hospital where Emma claims he is her adoptive dad. Charlie gets stuck with the hospital bill and later has to inject some medication in Emma’s butt. He ends the day having enjoyed himself but assuming that will be the last he sees of Emma.

Charlie meets with his physician where it is revealed that he has early stages of dementia. Charlie hasn’t told his family, which includes his two children Rex and Francine and his granddaughter Lindsay. Nor has he told his employer. That night, Charlie attends a reception of one of his most successful movies. He is being interviewed by Bob Costas, along with the film’s director Barry Levinson and lead actors Sharon Stone and Kevin Kline. During the interview, Charlie forgets the names of his fellow panelists but plays it off as a joke. After the reception, Charlie is surprised to find Emma waiting for him. She attended to support Charlie, whom she now genuinely likes. She also repays the rest of the money from the hospital visit.

Charlie accompanies Emma to her job as a singer for a band. He is very impressed by her talent. Afterwards, Charlie says that the unfinished novel she saw is meant to be a memoir celebrating his life with his deceased wife Carrie and his children. Charlie admits he has writer’s block and also has a strained relationship with his kids. The same night, Charlie gets a message from Emma asking him how he met his wife. This helps Charlie focus and he begins to write his novel. In flashback, Charlie and Carrie met by chance while walking on the same beach. After some light conversation, Charlie invites Carrie back to his house to help her remove some tar that got on her feet. The pair hit it off and declare their love for each other after a few dates.

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