Hulk (2003) hollywood movies review

The Hulk is a complicated character. You have two beings sharing one body, with both of them hating each other. They both have their strengths, but there’s only room for one of them at a time. Unlike other beloved superheroes, the Hulk’s intimidating appearance, feral temperament, and unpredictability haven’t afforded him an easy path to acceptance by humanity.

While the Hulk had a successful TV series in 1978, he had never had a cinematic appearance. With the success of the early 2000s Marvel movies like X-Men and Spider-Man, this seemed the ideal time to bring Big Green to the big screen. Which brings us to director Ang Lee.

Prior to 2000, Lee was primarily recognized for drama films such as Pushing Hands, The Ice Storm, and Sense and Sensibility. After the massive success of the 2000 action film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee received critical acclaim. It was thanks to this success that led Lee to sign on to direct the first major cinematic feature, Hulk.

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