Intrusion 2021 movie reviews


Meera Parson, a psychiatrist and her loving husband Henry Parson are living in a very secluded newly built house designed by Henry himself who is an architect. Meera comes home from a run and showers, checks herself to see if her breast cancer is back while showering off her workout and is concerned about a lump she finds. While showering her husband Henry shows up and tells her to get ready for their night out in a loving manner. She later gets dressed for their date and Henry stares at her telling her she’s beautiful. She looks confused and flattered at the same time.

The couple leave their cell phones as not to impede on their date night together. During their date they play scrabble and Henry challenges Meera on a word and they laugh about how smart she is when he is wrong. Henry asks her if she felt anything when checking her breast during her shower and she doesn’t elaborate and Henry states he wants to make sure they don’t keep secrets and that if she is sick again he will be their for her like he was last time she had cancer.

She feels better cause of her supportive loving husband. When they get back home to their very secluded property they realize someone vandalized their house while at dinner. The break in makes Meera scared but the couple jokes about how only their laptop and 2 cell phones were taken and it makes them wonder why their “other stuff” isn’t good enough for the thief. They call 911 to report the breakin and the detectives semi grill Henry about past enemies and to get the plumbing fixes due to the loud bangs. The police try to persuade Henry that he and his wife are safe and investigors are follow every lead available.

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