Jawani Zindabaad 2019 movie reviews


From the name, Jawani Zindabad, it’s almost clear that the film is about youngsters and their life. However, there’s a subtle message in this film, directed by Shiv Kadam.
The film opens with Abhishek Patil (Abhishek Sathe) trying to find Nandini (Ketaki Narayan).

Nandini, who has left for her mother’s home, tries to committee suicide but her mother (Madhu Kambikar) prevents her from doing it. Why? In flashback, various things unfold- how Abhishek and Nandini meet and how they fall in love etc. One day, their life takes an unexpected turn when Nandini’s mother tries to kill her by pushing her in river. This unfolds a serious aspect of Nandini’s life in front of Abhishek who stands by her despite her problems and supports her wholeheartedly.

Ketaki Narayan, who was recently seen in Girlz, is effortless in front of the camera and holds your attention. Abhishek tries to match her prowess, but lack of expressions stops him short of that. Madhu Kambikar presents various shades of her character perfectly while Yatin Karyekar and Asawari Joshi are sincere.

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