Jolt 2021 hollywood movie reviews


Lindy is a bit extreme young woman with her mother being a medical drug abuser and her father an alcoholic it seems to be something that was created in her. Extraordinarily destructive; she is identified as such as a young girl. When someone or anyone did bad things around her she experiences a rage that doctors called intermittent explosive disorder. She was isolated from the world because of how violent she was. After all the tests and training to control her rage; Lindy grew worse. Her control was lacking and most people pissed her off. After finally finding a treatment that could be described as barbaric and unusual however highly effective, she’s finally able to live in the world as a somewhat normal person.

Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) decides to go on a date and overhears a rude customer that was talking to the valet in front of the restaurant she was entering for a date with Justin (Jai Courtney). Her vivid visions of violently disciplining the man she starts to press a button in the palm of her hand to initiate a volt therapy through her body to keep her from harming anyone based on their own discretions. Meeting a guy by the name of Justin for dinner Lindy explains that she thought having a date would be good however she decides isn’t going to stay. Justin convinces her to stay by starting a conversation. She goes down the list of all the things that would be considered a pet peeves to normal people however it’s a trigger for Lindy. The waitress informs Justin that if Lindy doesn’t stay he would have to give up the table. So she thinks about stabbing the waitress after her rude encounter with Justin. Lindy goes the bathroom after hearing a woman gossiping in the bathroom stall while in the phone she beats her unconscious and then leaves the restaurant because her volt indicator stops working after overriding it. She takes her indicator to Dr. Ivan Munchin (Stanley Tucci) to be fixed however he tells her that this is supposed to be a temporary fix and becoming close with someone and loving them specifically Justin will help her calm down however she doesn’t believe him.

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