Kabaad – The Coin 2021 movie reviews


A scrap dealer aspires to get his son educated so that he leads a respectful life, however, things take a sudden turn as the scrap dealer loses his life to heart attack and his young college going son, Bandhan (Vivaan Shah), has to take over his business for livelihood of the family. As the story gets going, the protagonist comes across a bag full of “gold coins” which have historic value from the Mogul era. The story then takes a turn when a struggling couple, Roma (Zoya Afroz) and Sam (Abhishek Bajaj) discover about the gold coins with Badhan, leading to a tale of greed and betrayal.

There’s isn’t much to tell about the story and screenplay, as it’s abrupt, and doesn’t take long to get into the bizarre space with nothing making sense. The romantic track of Bandhan and Roma is far-fetched imagination, given the character sketch. The dialogues, more often than not, are tacky giving the vibe of a film from the 1980s. The production values are however surprisingly nice for the budget and zone of the film. The music is dated, so is the background score.

Talking about performances, Vivaan Shah is confident but has too urban a look to portray the character of a scrap dealer. Even the artificial dark skin tone doesn’t do much to bring in the authenticity. His dialect through the film is inconsistent. Zoya Afroz is fine in the interactive scenes, but can’t get it right in the emotional moments of the film. Abhishek Bajaj doesn’t leave a mark as he tries to hard to be a macho, but the efforts are visible. The rest of the cast too hams for most of the narrative, in-fact, most of the actors are too loud while even mouthing their dialogues.

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