Legends of the Ramayana With Amish 2022 review

Legends of Ramayana with Amish shares that as per folklore, Ram apologises for killing a Brahman, Ravana, in the mandir of the demon deity constructed by Lord Shiva. What does that teach you about Indian culture? Legends of Ramayana with Amish streams on Discovery+

Legends Of The Ramyana With Amish Review: What is Ramayan? Fact or fiction? Many in India believe Lord Rama actually walked this land and blessed the world with his grace. From the time we were kids, we have been told the story of Lord Rama and Demon Ravana as a story of Dharma winning over Adharma, good defeating evil. But it’s almost cruel to look at the epic from the lens of just religion because Ramayana is more than just that. Discovery+ show Legends Of Ramayana with Amish attempts to address the same and manages it well. Fact Check: Video of Jatayu Bird From Ramayana Spotted in Kerala is Fake! Know Truth About Viral Clip of Andean Condor.

Amish Tripathi, one of the bestselling authors of India, is the narrator here and he takes us on a ride of Ramayana. He peels the the epic layer by layer from even before Ram’s birth to Sita’s agni-pariksha (test by the fire). The systemic deconstruction of the legend as told by several religious texts makes it a great watch. The three-episode series doesn’t over-dramatise any of the moments in the story and that works in capturing the essence of it all. Co-directors Sujatha Kulshreshtha and Abhimanyu Tewari have kept the drama confined to mythology only.

What’s so invigorating is the revelations of certain unknown facts about Ramayana. Who knew that Gautam Buddha and Lord Rama belonged to the same dynasty or the fact that Ram had an elder sister in Shanta or Nashik gets its name from Suparnakha. In fact, not many know that Queen Kaikeyi had gifted Ram and Sita a palace post their wedding. Haven’t we brought up to believe Maa Kaikeyi is an evil mother? Several such myths are busted here!

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