London Files 2022 review

Om Singh (Arjun Rampal), who is a senior police detective in London, is assigned to investigate a high profile missing girl, Maya. Om’s initial investigation soon points toward a homicide case thereby implicating her own father and media tycoon Amar Roy (played by Purab Kohli). However, there’s more than what meets the eyes.

The entire story is set against the backdrop of protests and chaos in the city of London after Anti Immigration Bill was introduced in the UK parliament. Media tycoon and father of the missing girl (Medha Rana) is a supporter of the Anti Immigration Bill. This puts him and his family under threat.

Amar Roy and Maya share a bitter-sweet father-daughter relationship but an argument over a controversial bill between them puts the former under the police scanner. Later, a body was recovered and a perfect DNA match led the police to believe him as the murder suspect. Amar’s arrest turns the table completely and, Om Singh then figures out that Maya’s missing case and his past have a connection. Is Maya in actuality dead? Will he be able to solve the case? All this is answered in the six episodes.

Arjun Rampal led web series plays a nice tight-rope act between old-world visual storytelling adorned with broad modern brushstrokes. The web series does offer something for everyone. It kept my eye open for all the clues and twists that appear throughout the series.

Director Sachin Pathak and writer Prateek Payodhi did an amazing job of integrating contentious issues like gun control and the immigration crisis across Europe. The story even touches upon the freeloader mindset of the current and future generations, who owe something from the rich and famous, just because they’re not born into privilege. It also showcased how teenagers can be gullible and brainwashed by some charismatic speaker, thereby becoming misguided terrorists under the garb of revolutionaries.

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