Mugguru Monagallu 2021 movie reviews


Along with a number of low-budget films, yet another movie that has hit the screens is Mugguru Monagallu. Let’s see if it tickles our funny bones or not.

The film is about three friends, Sushanth(Srinivasa Reddy), Kishore(Dikshith Shetty), and Deepak(Vennela Ramarao). While Sushant cannot hear, Kishore cannot speak and Deepak is a blind man. One fine day, these three friends find out a clue about the ongoing murders in the city and make a plan. What is that plan? and who is behind these murders? and how do these handicapped people handle the case forms the rest of the story?

Srinivasa Reddy is the biggest highlight of the film. He does well and evokes good laughs in his role. Dixit Shetty and Vennela Ramarao have also done well in their roles. Especially Vennela Ramarao, he was quite good as the blind man was amazing. In a way, you can say that these three actors have evoked fun in even silly situations.

Raja Ravindra, who did the role of a cop was also impressive in his crucial role. The drama created behind the serial murders was also good. A few suspense scenes created in both halves were handled well. The actress who played the main lead was just about okay.

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