Nayak 2001 movie reviews

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is an ambitious television cameraman, working for QTV along with his friend Topi. While on his job, Rao is assigned to record riots triggered by a fight between college students and a bus driver and accidentally records a conversation in which the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Balraj Chauhan takes an indifferent stand, so as not to lose his voter base. In the riots, Shivaji saves the life of one of the college students there, and it is recorded by Topi. Because of his actions, Shivaji is promoted as the senior television presenter.

Meanwhile, due to police inaction, there is loss of life and damage to property. Explaining his actions, Chauhan later agrees to do a live interview with Shivaji, during which Rao raises these issues and broadcasts the conversation he has recorded. In response to Shivaji’s allegations about the mismanagement by his government, Balraj redirects the question by saying that his job is not easy. He challenges Shivaji to be the Chief Minister for a day to experience those problems himself. Shivaji reluctantly accepts the challenge.

Assisted by Bansal, Shivaji handles issues that affect the populace every day. He manages appropriate housing and employment for the needy, and he suspends inefficient and corrupt government officials. As the last act of the day, Rao has Chauhan arrested, as the latter is the root cause of all the corruption. Later, Chauhan posts bail and leaves jail, then passes an ordinance to nullify all orders passed by Shivaji. Insulted by Shivaji’s success as well, Chauhan sends assassins after him, but they only destroy his house.

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