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Varun Subramanyam (Vijay Deverakonda) is a video game designer living in the UK. He is the son of Vinodhan Subramanyam, (Vasudev in Telugu) the long-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Andhra Pradesh in Telugu). Varun, visits Chennai (Hyderabad) for his birthday to be celebrated in the orphanage which he runs and also to see his little half-sister. Later he goes out partying, but a heavy police convoy nabs him by 1am and brings him home for a shocking news: Varun is to be sworn in as the new Chief Minister by 5am to protect the party, as Vinodhan is to be sentenced guilty in a corruption case the next day. Despite his reservations, Varun is sworn in as Chief Minister.

Despite being head of government, CM Varun, who has no idea about all this, accepts for it, provided that his father will be out in bail within two weeks and remains confined in a self-imposed house arrest. Varun actually does nothing except play video games in his room & signs the documents provided by the Chief Secretary. Unfortunately, consequences turn plates negatively to Vinodhan, who is sentenced to prison in the high court appeal until end of case. After Vinodhan gets arrested, riots take place in the city. In the riots, a bus gets burnt in which a little schoolgirl dies in the fire. Varun, who was out to meet his guru Mahendran (Mahindra in Telugu), goes to the spot where the bus was burnt. He asks Mahendran to meet him at the spot. He is heartbroken upon seeing the wails of the little girl’s mother. He then realizes the importance of his position and stops the riots, by threatening, in an immediate press meeting on the accident spot. Unfortunately, this is not liked by the opposition party led by Varadarajan (K. S. G. Venkatesh). Varun then gains the name “Rowdy CM” given by the opposition party after being mocked as “Dummy CM”.

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