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Hello darlings! Nothing but good news today. I am safely back at Casa Maine after my prolonged stay at the hospital. I’m still a bit wobbly on my pins, but nothing that the careful ministrations of my tap therapist, Lulu Pigg, won’t be able to fix with some barre work and high energy protein drinks. (I’ve considered marketing my own line of health foods and nutritional supplements which promise the women of America a physique like mine but the FDA was unkind to our use of insect based protein additives despite the significant caloric benefits). I also have found my next film project. It’s going to be a live television musical for one of the networks with the higher numbers on my cable box.

The genre has become so popular lately that everyone wants into the game. This network, I think it’s called OWL or maybe it’s OWED, has a brand-new concept. The musical mash-up where they take two classics of the genre and combine them in a new and unique way. I am pleased to announce that I will be playing Maria in what promises to be an absolutely stunning production of West Side Christmas Story.

In our sure to be a classic production, teenaged Tony falls in love with the exotic Maria one holiday season, as he schemes to get a Red Ryder BB Gun to take to the rumble. Maria is the teacher at a local elementary where Ralphie, her prize pupil, also wants the BB gun, despite the objections of his mother, Anita the dressmaker and father, who owns the local soda shop. It all culminates with a big holiday feast of Chinese turkey at the gym where the entire cast tries not to shoot each other’s eyes out. I’m particularly looking forward to filming the comedy number, Dear Santa Claus Krupke. I’ll have to get to work with Madame Mimi, my vocal coach, on the high trills they’re adding for me in the Tonight, tonight, my Santa comes tonight quintet. I’m sure the end result will be like Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, run in endless repeats every holiday season until the end of time.

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