Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani 2000 movie reviews


Ajay Bakshi (Shahrukh Khan) is a successful loudmouthed reporter, working for a reputed news channel. The rival news channel ropes in Ria Banerjee (Juhi Chawla) to bring him down. Ria is the antithesis of Ajay and uses her intelligence, charm and wits to get her work done.

Pappu Junior alias Choti (Johnny Lever) is a don who is to be ousted from his own gang, owing to his inability to make it big in the crime world. Ajay approaches Choti with an offer: arrange a fake attack on minister Ramakant Dua’s (Shakti Kapoor) brother-in-law Madanlal Gupta (Mahavir Shah), on national TV. Choti will earn respect & Ajay’s channel will gain ratings. Little does Ajay know that the plan is going to turn too real.

Ramakant Dua’s brother-in-law is gunned down by an assailant named Mohan Joshi (Paresh Rawal). Minister Ramakant takes advantage of his brother-in-law’s death to gain votes and sympathy; he also instigates a pogrom to ensure his position in the government. Ajay and Ria start getting along as they work together to cover the city riots. Mohan is arrested and to avoid public unrest, the Police Commissioner declares that Mohan is a foreign terrorist. Mohan escapes jail and hides in Ajay and Ria’s car.

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