Preetam 2021 Marathi movie reviews


Preetam revolves around a milkman living in a rural area of Konkan, Maharashtra, who struggles to deal with his dark skin. Exploring the question of whether outer beauty really matters, the film follows his search for love.

Review: We’ve all seen someone dark-skinned being called names, treated badly and what not. While many treat this as funny, we rarely stop and think about the effect these taunts have on the one they are aimed at. Preetam tries to explore this through the unique story of its lead character, Preetam (Pranav Raorane).

Tired of the constant taunts hurled at him due to his skin tone, Preetam has almost accepted his fate and doesn’t even try to resist. The entire village, including his friends and father, mock him and this takes a big toll on Preetam’s self-esteem. His helpful attitude and success are never taken into consideration while looking at him. When Suvarna (Nakshatra Medhekar) comes to their village, it is love at first sight for Preetam. Soon, the two start talking and end up falling in love, or so everyone believes. Because, a-la Drishyam, Preetam tells everyone that he and Suvarna are deeply in love. He even backs it up with proof to convince his friends. But are they really together? Or is this all a farce? THe truth comes to the fore at the end of the first half, setting pace for an interesting second half.

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