Purple Hearts 2022 hollywood movies review

In the latest film from Netflix, Purple Hearts stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine as Cassie and Luke, a couple of broke individuals desperate for cash. Cassie needs money to cover her medical insurance, while Luke needs cash to pay off his drug dealer. And since Luke has recently enlisted into the marines, he suggests that if they marry each other, it’ll cover all of their problems. What could possibly go wrong? Well, watch and you’ll find out.

The nice part of Purple Hearts is that it moves away from the cheesiness of other romance films. Instead, it brings some real-life issues and blends them into the neat little story that Purple Hearts tells its audience in just over two hours. If the film could be compared to anything, it would be A Star Is Born. Like the 2018 film, Purple Hearts has happiness, sadness, and a song for every occasion. Whilst Purple Hearts may not have the same emotional impact, it is still very heartfelt, and it’s hard not to grow attached to the characters during the course of the film.

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