Raja Hindustani 1996 movie reviews


Aarti, a wealthy young girl is the only child of her father Bakshrath. Her evil stepmother Shalini wants to acquire all wealth of Bakshrath. Aarti reaches Palankhet for a vacation to discover the memories of her dead mother. Upon arrival, she hires the services of an available driver Raja Hindustani.

The two bond and ultimately fall in love after accidentally kissing each other romantically. Bakshrath enters in Palankhet and intends to take Aarti home. She tells him about Raja; he gives an condition for acceptance that Raja goes to Mumbai and learns to become a respectable member of society.

Raja refuses and asks Aarti to make a decision. She chooses him but begs for Bakshrath’s blessings. He refuses and leaves for Mumbai. Raja and Aarti get married. Bakshrath eventually forgives and visits her in Palankhet. He gives them a new house. Raja refuses to live there because he thinks it not a gift, but rather as a charity since he’s poor.

To gain total control of Bakshrath’s assets, Shalini exploits this conflict. Under the pretext of a party, they bring Raja and Aarti to Mumbai and set in motion events that cause the two to separate. Aarti realizes she is pregnant; due to health problems, the doctor advises her not to travel. Shalini is asked to reach Palankhet to inform Raja about baby and request him to come to Mumbai.

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