ReunionThe Sound of the Providence 2020 review


The iron triangle Wu Xie, Pang Zi and Zhang Qiling restart their adventure after receiving an unusual text from Wu Sansheng. Wu Xie, Pang Zi and Zhang Qiling have hung up their hats to end a ten-year promise. After trading their adventures for a normal life, a text from Wu Sansheng drives them to embark on a mysterious journey for the sake of family and friendship. (Source:

This story takes place after ten years or so from the main storyline (The Lost Tomb series). We have the reunion of the iron triangle after Zhang Qiling dealt with certain matters and has returned. Uncle Three remains missing. Before an unusual text from Wu Sansheng (Uncle Three), Pang Zi lives with Wu Xie and both run an antique store.

Please note that this is only one part of the drama as it has 66 episodes with 32 episodes being the first part and the second half will air later with 34 episodes of the same cast.

Born to a family of grave robbers and the grandson of Wu Lao Gou (Mystic Nine’s 5th master) in Changsha, and nephew of Wu Sansheng, a masterful tycoon of Southern scholars (embarks on grave-robbing adventures). He is now considered the head of the family.

Because his lungs have become damaged, he only has three months to live. At the same time when he received a text message from his third uncle, he has decided to embark on a search for his missing third uncle to fulfill his last wish. After finding out his third uncle’s disappearance was related to tinglei (sounds of thunder), he set foot on a similar path as third uncle to seek out thunder.

One of the iron triangle. Although his figure is fat, he is nimble. He has been very concerned about and takes care of Wu Xie. Often called “Fatty mom”. After Wu Xie fell ill and second uncle took the antique shop, he rented an apartment to live with Wu Xie. When Wu Xie entered the Warehouse 11th to investigate clues about third uncle, he would assist Wu Xie in dealing with outside matters.

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