Riverdance The Animated Adventure 2022 hollywood movie reviews


REVIEW: Grandpa (Pierce Brosnan) prided in possessing two qualities in life: being a graceful dancer, and an able lighthouse keeper. With him now gone, Keegan (voiced by Sam Hardy) seems to be spiraling into a deep depression. “I couldn’t say goodbye,” he rues. Yes, the legends have clearly stated that the lighthouse must stay lit at all costs in order to keep the aquatic life alive and a certain monster out. But, how can the responsibility of its upkeep be thrusted upon a visibly heartbroken Keegan when he can barely make it out of bed?

Directors Eamonn Butler and Dave Rosenbaum’s gleeful Irish animated adventure gives a modern, fantastical spin to the biblical verse: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Its theme, all too common, and execution, all too enchanting.

In the intriguing world of animation, oftentimes we see that a plethora of conflicts arise that, in turn, lead up to the final resolution or a climax involving some form of a big showdown between heroes and villains. ‘Riverdance: The Animated Adventure’, however, rides on its central theme of keeping darkness at bay—literally and figuratively—in an unnamed coastal town alongside country Ireland. Staying true to the Irishmen’s reputation, the animated town dwellers take strolls around pretty places and dance their nights away. Looming over their heads is an elusive antagonist named ‘The Huntman’. He, who kills and captures deers and collects antlers as trophies, reverses the flow of rivers and paints the overall town a dark shade of grey and gloomy. The answer to this riddle lies in the fast-evolving narrative, which, with only 1 hour and 33 minutes runtime, is simple, oh-very-coherent and shoots straight to the point.

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