See For Me 2021 hollywood movies review

See for Me is a 2021 Canadian thriller film directed by Randall Okita. It stars Skyler Davenport as Sophie, a visually impaired teenager who is housesitting for a wealthy client when three criminals break into the house to rob it; Sophie’s only defense is a smartphone app called See for Me which connects her to Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy), a gamer who has to use the app to see Sophie’s surroundings and guide her actions. Laura Vandervoort, Matthew Gouveia, Emily Piggford, Joe Pingue and Kim Coates also star.

Downhill skier Sophie Scott has her Olympic dreams dashed when she is diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease causing blindness. Although her friend Cam offers to help her train for the Paralympics by working as her seeing guide, she refuses and gives up on her skiing dreams.

To make money, she cat sits for wealthy homeowners and steals expensive wine from them to resell, with help from Cam. Sophie answers an ad for a cat sitter placed by Debra, a rich woman in upstate New York leaving for a vacation after just divorcing her husband.

After locking herself outside of the house, Sophie uses See For Me, a phone app to allow blind people to connect with a seeing helper via a video call. She is connected to Kelly, a gamer in Florida who helps her get back inside.

That night, Sophie is awoken by three men breaking into the house. She calls 911 and reports the break-in, but the 911 operator tells her it will be a long response time due to the house’s remote location. She hangs up and uses her See For Me app to contact Kelly again, but is caught by the men, who disconnect the video call. Kelly, desperate to help Sophie, contacts the police to have them cross reference 911 calls in an attempt to locate the house that Sophie is in.

Sophie learns that the men have broken into the house to steal $7 million hidden in a safe in the wall. After checking Sophie’s phone and seeing that she called 911, the men contemplate giving up the score and killing her. They call their boss, Rico, who tells them to let Sophie live as she has not seen anyone.

Rico also instructs them to pack up their gear and come back later. Sophie convinces them to give her a share of the take in exchange for sending the police away. Sophie calls 911 a second time to cancel her initial report, but is told that the police have to respond even after a false alarm is reported.

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