Seththumaan 2022 movies review


It is the year 2017 and Dalit lawyer Ramnath Kovind has just been elected to the presidency, flaring up the age-old caste issues in the country. In a small Tamilian village lives Poochiyappa (Manickam), a lower caste basket maker who hopes for a better future for the orphaned Kumaresan (Ashwin).

The old man works for a moody landlord called Vellappayan (Suruli), who develops a sudden craving for pork and orders Poochiyappa and the pig rearer Rangan to arrange for a pig, and cook it for the master. However, the activity could not only hurt the religious sentiments of the community, but could invite cast-based slurs, and even violence against the poor men.

Meanwhile, Poochiyappa’s bond with Kumaresan grows tighter than ever. Seththumaan is based on the short story “Varugari” (Fried Meat) by renowned writer Perumal Murugan, who has also written the screenplay for the film.

Vellaiyan wants to roast a pig and eat it. But since he is from upper caste, that idea is ridiculed by others including his wife. But Vellaiyan is determined to fulfil his desire and hence hires Poochi to get him the best Pig to eat.

Poochi has the duty of upbringing his grandson after the death of his son and daughter-in-law. So he takes up this job as it will help him meet his basic needs. Was Poochi able to find the best Pig. Did Vellaiyan fulfill his desire forms the rest of the story.


Director Tamizh has made the movie based on the traditions that are followed in a land and how they influence the life of the people living in it. Tamizh depends on the characters and the situations to make the movie an interesting one. Poochi delivers a strong and convincing performance.

He brings more authenticity to the role. Vellaiyan and his wife have some sold sequences, especially their scene at the village council. Ashwin, Prasanna Balachandran, Kumar, Manickam and all the other characters in the movie have done their part well.

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