Shyam Singha Roy 2021 movies review


Vasu is an aspiring film director in Hyderabad. To impress a film producer, he starts making a short film and selects Keerti, a psychology graduate to be the lead. Keerti agrees after some resistance, and they complete the shoot within a few days. The impressed producer greenlights Vasu’s feature film. Vasu, however, suffers from a psychological disorder leading to ear-bleeding that temporarily manifests him into a different personality.

One such instance when Vasu and Keerthy are engaged in an intimate session, Vasu unknowingly utters the name Rosie which angers Keerti. A year later, Vasu releases his film Uniki which turns out to be successful. Vasu is offered to remake the film in Hindi but when that is being announced at a press meet in Mumbai, Vasu is arrested on the charges of copyright infringement. A notable Kolkata-based publishing house SR publications alleges that Vasu copied their best-selling novel Astitva written by Shyam Singha Roy fifty years ago.

In the court, strong evidence is present against Vasu and Keerti’s cousin Padmavathi takes up the case. Vasu pleads not guilty, and after a successful lie detection test, the court releases him on unconditional bail and gives them 3 days to present their case. On the suggestion of Keerti, Vasu undergoes clinical hypnosis where he reveals that he was Shyam Singha Roy and Rosie was his wife.

In West Bengal in 1969, Shyam Singha Roy is a revolutionary writer who comes from a conservative family. As his family disapproves of his methods, he decides to leave but stumbles upon Maithreyi, a devadasi from Bangladesh who dances in the temple during the Navaratri. Despite being an atheist, Shyam visits the temple every night to get a glimpse of Maithreyi. One night, he asks her to sneak out of the temple with him and she reluctantly agrees.

Shyam and Maithreyi fall for each other, and Shyam renames Maithreyi as Rosie. They decide to elope, however, on that night, the temple’s high priest Mahadev who sexually preys on devadasis selects a young girl to which Rosie opposes. Mahadev thrashes Rosie in anger and disrespects her by urinating on her. Knowing this, Shyam attacks Mahadev in the temple. He punishes him by severing off his penis and throws him onto burning coal.

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