Sniper. The White Raven 2022 movies review

The full-length feature film Sniper: The White Raven will be released in 2022 by UM-Group. The movie’s production began in 2019. The Ukrainian State Film Agency’s 11th competition was won by the war drama, which received a prize of $23,946,572 (or 80% of the total production cost). Maryan Bushan is the film’s director, and she co-wrote the script with Mykola Voronin.

After conflict breaks out in Donbas, a pacifist high school teacher who desired to live in peace and harmony with nature is forced to enlist in the Ukrainian military as a sharpshooter. The plot was influenced by the experiences and lives of the scriptwriter, Mykola Voronin, a former teacher who joined the military.

Prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, filming took conducted at the International Center of NSU in Kyivshchyna (Kyiv Oblast) in the fall of 2020. Participating in the filming were military members and equipment from the International Center, the Northern Operational Territorial Unit, the Rapid Response Brigade, and the Ukrainian National Guard. The mass scenes involved around a hundred guardsmen and about twenty pieces of equipment.






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