Snowpiercer 2022 Season 3 review

From the very opening moments of Snowpiercer, it’s clear that the train that couldn’t slow down is in for some big changes. Ben (Iddo Goldberg) talks about how people build their lives around loved ones, and when those loved ones are lost, we lose part of ourselves and turn inward to examine who we are, if we did enough, and where we belong in this new world without that person in our lives. For Ben, that person has been Melanie (Jennifer Connelly), out in the frozen wilderness and presumed dead until signs of her active presence are uncovered. For Melanie, she’s lost everyone she’s ever known, depending on suspension drugs and stimulants to hope against hope that she’ll live long enough for someone, anyone to notice her presence and keep her from becoming just another frozen corpse among 7 billion or so.

We rebuild, Ben says, piece by piece, and forge a new path forward with new bonds, like the one Layton (Daveed Diggs) has formed with Zarah (Sheila Vand) and new baby Liana. Like the one Alex (Rowan Blanchard) has forged with Carly Roche (Esther Ming Li). Even like the one Till (Mickey Sumner) has forged with Audrey (Lena Hall). Ones that Melanie Cavill has not been a part of. In fact, Melanie has missed a lot over the past six months or so of drugging herself into a coma to stay alive, and the more she finds out about what Layton has been up to, what Layton is risking, the more concerned she seems to grow about the one thing that hasn’t changed: her mission to keep the human race alive.

The gang on board Snowpiercer worked very hard to track her down and recover her, uniting both Team Wilford and Team Layton in the effort to capture the mostly automated track scaler and recover the person who may or may not be alive on board. As it turns out, Melanie is alive, but Layton might wish she wasn’t by the end of “A Beacon For Us All,” because the two have very different leadership philosophies. The returning conquering hero trumps visions of paradise in Africa and a cute new baby in a ‘what have you done for me lately?’ setting like Snowpiercer. The grass is always greener on the other side, even if it’s covered in several feet of snow and ice.

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