Space Jam a New Legacy 2021 hollywood movie reviews


In 1998, a young LeBron James is dropped off at a youth league game by his mother. His friend Malik gives him a Game Boy, in which LeBron becomes interested until his coach persuades him to focus more on his skills. After he misses a potential buzzer beater and is reprimanded by his coach, LeBron decides to follow his advice and discards the Game Boy.

In the present day, LeBron aspires for his sons, Darius and Dominic, to pursue basketball careers. While LeBron’s attempts with Darius are progressive, Dom aspires to become a video game developer. While Dom shows LeBron his game, they discover a glitch which, upon performing a specific move, deletes the character.

LeBron and his family are invited to Warner Bros. Studios to discuss a film deal; LeBron dismisses the idea while Dom is interested in the studio’s Warner 3000 software—particularly its AI, Al-G Rhythm. Their differing views lead to an argument as Dom reveals his resentment towards LeBron’s aspirations. Al-G, who has become self-aware, lures them to the basement server room and traps them in the Warner Bros. Serververse. Taking Dom prisoner, Al-G orders LeBron to form a basketball team to compete against his own, only earning his freedom if he wins, and sends him through the Serververse to Tune World.

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