Sweet River 2020 hollywood movie reviews


An arresting setting, funereal tone and solid performances don’t wholly atone for a script that’s thin on frights or suspense in the Aussie thriller “Sweet River.”

It’s about lost children and adults who die supernatural deaths when they try to move on from that trauma.

The setting is the cane country of Queensland, Austrailia — Tweed Valley. The forlorn town of Billins was where a serial killer once roamed. Children disappeared, and the rippling effects of their loss hang over the place to this day.

That’s where Hanna (English born Aussie actress Lisa Kay) has come to get out of her head, listen to her meditation tapes and maybe dry out. She’s rented a manager’s cottage on the edge of the cane fields, one cane field in particular.

What she doesn’t know as she listens to “the currents can sweet you away in life” and other taped platitudes about grief and despair, is that the bloke (Jeremy Waters) who rented it to her has gotten drunk at the local watering hole and come to an untimely end on his way home.

The police are saying he drowned, when we’ve seen the wreck, heard the noises and seen the man yanked away into the trackless cane fields. The police didn’t hear him threaten to “finally harvest that field” in the seedy Billins Hotel bar. The police aren’t interested in doing the math.

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