Tempt Raja 2021 movie reviews

Tempt Raja is a Telugu adult-comedy directed by Veernala Rama Krishna Rao who also stars in the film as the lead. This is not a first-date movie. However, if you can pull off a film like this with your lady on a first date, then maybe, just maybe, she’s the right person to be in a long-term relationship with – and you get to decide whether this statement is supposed to be a joke.

Krishna (Veernala Rama Krishna Rao) and his friend land up at a house with their girlfriends for a short stay over which each of them must prove that they are capable of pleasing a woman in bed. In the words of Krishna’s girlfriend (Divya Rao), a woman must “test drive” her man before signing up for the sublime commitment of marriage.

The men are confident, as men usually are without any basis for the claim, that they’ll have no trouble impressing the women. They even bring along a stock of Viagra pills to be extra safe. However, once they’re at the house, the men repeatedly fail to deliver when it’s time to go and leave their respective partners in a state of untapped lust. It turns out that there is a ghost lurking around, hunting for erections, and will finish off any man in the house that is aroused.

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