The Devil Below 2021 hollywood movie reviews

The film opens as scenes of demolition begin, and backhoes digging out rubble. As a mining crew comes out of the mine, A man and his son are talking about a worker who is not being safe. Derek, the son, tells his Dad to let him talk to the kid. The father says for him to get his tools and meet him in the truck. In the background as they walk from each other, an unknown entity tackles Derek out of sight. He screams for his father and is found hanging on to the edge of a large container. The father grabs him, but the creature stabs the father in the shoulder and a bloodied Derek is taken away as he screams.

A team of scientists, led by an adventurer named Arianne, have been searching for the lost mining town of Shookum Hills. The town hasn’t been placed on maps since the 1970s, its population of 1000+ having disappeared alongside Shookum Hills. It’s believed that the disappearance is related to rumors of underground fires that resulted in sinkholes swallowing up the town and team leader Darren believes that the fires were started by a rare mineral.

The group stop at a store and Arianne goes inside to buy water and also needs to ask for directions. The man sitting at the counter tells her to take the road from where she came from and follow it to the interstate and go back to the city that she came from. Arianne passively thanks the man and still goes forward in finding the town. On their way to find the town, Arianne notices that someone is tailing them and begins to speed up. At one point she veers off the road and the car passes them and they go back and find a dirt road that leads to an electrical fence.

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