The Interview Night of 26-11 (2021) movie reviews


There are very few films that leave me confused, and director Laurens C Postma’s The Interview: Night of 26/11 is definitely one of those movies. While I am still trying to understand the story, I am also not sure about the purpose behind making this film. This one largely revolves around Rohan (Jackie Shroff), a war journalist who is forced to interview film superstar Tara (Anjum Nayar) on the night of 26/11. The reporter also agrees to do so for the sake of money, but there is hardly any interview that happens throughout the narrative.

This is exactly where the confusing part begins. Once Rohan reaches Tara’s house, throughout their conversation they try to out play each other, ridicule each other, and probably even make an attempt to forge a bond at some point – but all this for a flimsy, almost forced climax in the end, which made no sense. I believe it would have been easier, and maybe far more entertaining if the journalist would have taken the interview and left.

There were many more things in the film that left me perplexed, including the part where Rohan’s Editor forces him to continue with Tara’s interview, while the former kept insisting that he should be covering the attacks. I wonder which Editor would do that. Additionally, some of the dialogues were forcefully intellectualised, while some were made quirky, but they added nothing to the already muddled plort. Background music was monotonous and appended no value to the overall aesthetics of the film.

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